Classes Available


LAW ENFORCEMENT CANDIDATE PREPARATION CLASS   -   $150/month  (3 classes per week/1 - 2 hours per class)

***CURRENT SPECIAL:  $130/month***

This is not just a fitness class!!! It is our most successful class teaching those seeking careers in law enforcement how to best prepare themselves for the entire hiring process.  It includes information on the background investigation as well as preparation for the rigors of the police academy.


  • Group physical fitness classes modeled after the P.O.S.T. academy fitness program

  • Mentoring and guidance by police officers

  • Networking with future classmates

  • Stress management training

  • Diet and Nutrition guidance, programming, and monitoring

  • Body composition testing

  • Proper running and exercise technique training for higher scores at physical assessment tests

  • Injury prevention


ORAL INTERVIEW GROUP CLASS  -  $50/class (offered various times during the year, see Current Class Schedule below for next class)

99.9% of those who have attended this class have passed their oral interview!!!  This class also includes discussion on the psychological and polygraph tests. 


  • 1 - 2 hour group class

  • Tips on how to be successful

  • Materials and concepts to study

  • Tips on presenting yourself

  • Material and phrases to highlight or to avoid

  • Private Q&A time for any personal questions


ORAL INTERVIEW PRIVATE SKYPE SESSION  - $100/session (offered throughout the year, call or email for appointment)

Classes cover all of the same material included in the above Oral Interview Group Class.  We offer this class for those who are unable to attend the group sessions and is perfect for those candidates with busy schedules or who do not live in the area.   


LAW ENFORCEMENT CANDIDATE EVALUATION - $150 (offered throughout the year, call or email for appointment)

Our evaluation will help you determine your suitability for a career in law enforcement.  This process is ideal for those who have previous non selects, background failures, or want to find out if they are even a valid candidate.  This one on one, confidential evaluation will cover all aspects of your background to determine your hiring potential. We created this evaluation in response to the high number of police candidates who unnecessarily waste 1 to 2 years in the hiring process because of unidentified background issues. Often, candidates fail to identify and address deficiencies that make them unhireable.  Problematic areas include: finances, driving, employment, education/grades, relationships, drug/alcohol use and sexual history. We have found most background issues can be overcome if properly identified and addressed. 

We will identify your deficiencies and determine if they can be overcome, and if so, we will design a personalized plan to make you an eligible candidate. We will discuss the most suitable agencies for you based on your background as well your career goals and desires.


PHYSICAL FITNESS CERTIFICATION  -  $150 (offered throughout the year, call or email for appointment)

This certification is offered for those in the background process who need to update their fitness or physical assessment test scores for their background investigators.


  • Verification of your fitness levels

  • Certification of your test results

  • Notification to applicable agencies of your certified results

Current Class Schedule:


Mondays:         7:00 PM -  Academy/P.A.T. Group Fitness Class (Location: LBPOA Park)

Wednesdays:   7:00 PM -  Academy/P.A.T. Group Fitness Class (Location: LBPOA Park)

Saturdays:        9:00 AM -  Group Running Class (Location: LBPOA Park)

        * Directions:  Long Beach P.O.A. Park, next to the Long Beach Police Academy (See below for map and address)


UPCOMING ORAL INTERVIEW GROUP CLASS DATES: (held at the LBPOA Park at 7:00 PM and lasts for approximately 60 minutes)

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Wednesday, April 18, 2018  

Please come out and join us for free trial workouts before you pay.

We are month to month only and do not use contracts.  We like to meet and talk with our prospective clients in person to help give us a better idea of what your future goals are and how we can best serve you.  You do not need to call ahead for any appointment.  You can simply show up to a scheduled workout to watch or bring your workout clothes and join us for a class.  Payments are not accepted until you join up then it will simply be month to month.